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  1. Kerry Carmody

    Kerry Carmody of California, USA Born 1954


    Hello to everyone in Moyvane,my parents are Sean and Aggie Aherne from Moher Cross,have not been home for a while and got a bit “home sick”reading this site!Brilliant!!!!

  3. John OConnor

    Enjoyed the Moyvane website. Especially enjoyed information on Jack Manaher. My grandmother was Julia Manaher from Moyvane. I know we were also related to the Larkins and Brodericks. I have visited the beautiful area on two occasions and plan to visit again.

  4. Jim McKernan

    A hearty hello to Jenny in Moyvane. Outstanding website. Well done folks.

    Jim McKernan

  5. Lou

    lovely to see my home town of moyvane of the web well done to all

  6. Danielle O Carroll

    hey great to see moyvane in the internet
    well worth looking at

  7. Philomena Carmody

    Hello to all.
    Myfather’s family were from Knockanure.He was Edward (Ned) and his brothers were Martin & Jack. Jack was married to Mary O’Brian.
    I have not been back since dad died about 30 years ago and have lost touch with family over there. I would like to visit and if possible if no one has any news could you recommend somewhere to stay.

    Good luck and happiness to all who use this site
    many thanks Philomena

  8. Mary Frances Dunne (Nee Culhane)

    It was like being back home, seeing all the old photos. I would love to see the old bog road.
    Great site, all the best, love to my home land, and memories of Leitrim East -Moyvane.You can’t beat home. God Bless Ireland.
    From Mary Frances Dunne (Nee Culhane) and Kitty Culhane.
    X x X

  9. Steve Enright and Logan Enright

    And a Happy St Patrick’s Day to you all. Have enjoyed your website so very much. We are the Gr-great grandsons of Michael and Catherine Enright from Glin. We’ll be passing through there (for the first time) in late May. We’ll hopefully raise a glass at Enright’s Bar with best wishes to all.

  10. Jeanne Jermark

    My great great grandfather is from Moyvane. Garett Fitzgerald, he had atleast 3 sons and left aroung 1850. He, his wife Mary? and sons went to Minnesota Usa. I am looking for help to find ties in Moyvane.

  11. Mary Mckenna nee Moore

    I have really enjoyed looking at the old photos, particularly the Glin Road.
    Go raibh mile maith agaibh.

  12. Valerie de Britt

    Hi From Sydney and
    hello to the O’Connors of Aughrim. It is so good to see the the sights of Moyvane and District. Miss the pubs! and of course the delightful people.

  13. Akman

    Greetings to the people of Moyvane from United Arab Emirates

  14. maureen grace nee healy

    Hello from Queensland. The Moyvane website is excellent. I really enjoy looking at all the old photographs, and also the new. Anna Enright I loved your hat!!

  15. Brian Keane

    Hello again from Tallaght.

    I would just like to say “well done” to the Moyvane GAA who put forward a motion calling for the amendment of rule 42, which passed through the county board convention and the dreaded “motions committee” to be heard on the floor of the national congress in April.

    It is with enormous pride that I announce to all and Sundry up here that my home village is responsible for such a visionary, ground-breaking and entirely correct motion. I back the motion 100% with everything in my being and I look forward to the day when I am in Croke Park, watching an international soccer or rugby fixture, glowing with pride that Moyvane played such a significant part in it all.

    How wonderful will it be to welcome people from all over the world to this fantastic staduim, to watch them gaze in wonder at what this amateur organisation accomplished. The GAA is by far and away the best organisation in this country. It is now time to take our rightful place on the world stage.

    Let’s get this motion through congress. Keep fighting the good fight!!

    Slan abhaile,


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