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  1. Mulvihill-Meade

    Hi, wondering if anyone from the area. I have finally pin pointed my ancestors to ‘ Bridge-Moyvane, some of my ancestors left there mid 1800s to work in Belfast. I am hoping I still have some relations around Moyvane, my great great grandfather was Henry Mulvihill married to Mary Meade ( about 1820s/1830s. Kind regards, Trina Mulvihill Flaherty, Wicklow.

    • Jer

      Mulvihill Meade cousins still live in the area.

      • Mulvihill-Meade

        Brilliant, thank you there anyway I could contact them to chat about the family history, maybe phone, email or facebook ?

  2. Colleen Finnegan

    sorry Michael Finucane was born in 1864.

  3. Colleen Finnegan

    Hello, I just came upon your site after much research from (I’m new to the site). I plan to visit Listowel in the near future, where my roots are but my father’s family roots go back to Newtownsandes, House 11 Lisaniska with a family named Michael Finucane, born in 1964 (changed to Finnegan when his son James reached America in 1907). Michael Finucane lived there with his wife Mary, son James, granddaughter Margaret and grandson William in 1901. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you so much and what a beautiful little town!

    • Jer

      Two different Finucane Families lived side by side there, one from Lisselton the other may be from Tarbert.

      • Colleen Finnegan

        Thank you Jer, I believe it may be the family from Lisselton.

  4. Brigid McGrath

    Martin McGrath – 1946 – 2014
    A sad to post to let people know that my Dad, Martin McGrath (known as Matt/or Mattie) recently died in Herefordshire, England. He grew up in Moyvane, living with his grandmother Bridget Kennelly in Gurtdromosillihy. A keen musician, he was proud of his roots back in Ireland, and the musical traditions which stayed with him all his life. His funeral will be tomorrow, and his daughters and grandchildren will be playing and singing for him. I have posted a picture of my Dad playing his fiddle on the Moyvane facebook page. With kind regards to all in Moyvane, Brigid McGrath.

  5. patricia o'grady meyer

    i have a cousin and aunt visiting relatives in sligo at the end of the month. my cousin is interested in swinging past moyvane, as that is where our grandparents were from. my grandfather, daniel o’grady was friends with jack ahearn and con brosnan and was part of the flying column. he can be seen in the back row of that picture on con’s page here. my grandmother, marianne kearney came from a family of fifteen. her mother’s maiden name was mcelligott. i believe there were forges on both sides at different times. she worked as a dairymaid at the creamery circa 1920. they both emigrated to the bronx where they married. are there any relations that would like to be chatted up on their way through? is it possible for them to look in on the creamery? thanks.

    • Anna Maria Kennelly

      Know exactly who you are on about. Danny and Tom always visited my mother when they came to Ireland. If you check on page 3 of Moyvane Memories in the Gallery you will find two pictures of Tom with Paddy Horan, husband of Mary. Patsy Horan lives just outside the village and Bill Horan’s wife and two sons also live there and I’m sure they will have no problem visiting the creamery.

      • patricia o'grady meyer

        thanks so much for the info, anna! i’m friends with patsy on fb but i don’t think he looks there often. i will pass along the info to the relatives. thanks again!

  6. Julie Rizzello

    I will be in Kerry, July 20-23, 2014. My ggrandparents, Timothy McEvoy and Catherine Walsh were married in Moyvane 20 Feb. 1840. They emmigrated to the US, settling in Milford, Massachusetts. Also Tadgh McEvoy was Baptized in Moyvane on 19 Aug. 1849.
    Does anyone know if the church where these events took place is still standing? Is there a cemetery that may have McEvoy’s or Walsh’s buried there?

    • caroline lawlor

      Hi Julie,
      My gg grandfather was Patrick Walsh b 1808 bro of your Catherine McEvoy. I am down from his son Michael Henry Walsh b 1854 Alderney Channel islands. Michael emigrated to Australia in 1870s. His older bro, William, emigrated to Texas USA c 1860s. I would love to make contact with you with a view to sharing information.
      Kind regards, Caroline

      • Robert Patrick Walsh Fister

        Hello, My G G Grandfather was John Walsh born abt 1806 in NewtownSandes , his son my G Grandfather Patrick Walsh born abt 1830. Do you know the names of your Patrick’s parents? I could not find a Patrick born in 1808. I do believe that John’s parents were Patrick Walsh and Catherine Kennelly, my John and his son Patrick came to the states abt 1850 to Carlisle, Nicholas Co Ky. I am also seeing a Patrick Walsh born to Patrick and Catherine 9 Apr 1815. Any info you have that might be interesting to me I would love to hear.
        Thank you, R.P.W. Fister

    • Anna Maria Kennelly

      Saw your post Julie and I had a look to see what I could find. The church no longer exists. It was replaced in 1956 by a new church and the priest’s house is on the site of the old church. There are two graveyards in the parish, Murhur and Ahavoher. If you check out this site, you will find a list of burials. In Ahavoher I found Mary McEvoy of Inch who died January 01, 1990, a married lady, aged 92 and Denis McEvoy of Inch West who died on November 11, 1992. He was 70 and single. The address you had for Timothy was Poul and Inch is in the same area, just west of Poul. You do know that Tadgh is the Irish for Timothy? There are McEvoy’s in Upper Aughrim, Moyvane and Murhur is their burial ground. Funny enough in that family John McEvoy married Catherine Walsh of Barragougeen but that would be in the 1900’s. Hope this has been of some help to you. AMK

  7. Julie Hagerty

    I will be in town July 18th as I am on a quest to locate information about the connection between the O’Connor family and the Hagerty family. My nephew, Michael Hagerty, would like me to find Gerard ( Jerdy) O Connor from Lisselton, County Kerry, son of Thomas and Bridget O’ Connor, to find out more about the family link. Apparently John Hagerty 1864 – 1914 married Margaret Holly 1865 – 1937 in Ballydonohue parish. They had a son, Thomas, born in Chicago in 1889. He married Loretta Monahan and they had a son, William – my husband. I would love to meet Gerard, if he is willing. I think he did meet Michael in the Winter a couple of years ago at the church, but they didn’t have time to talk. If you know Jerdy, would you please let him know that I will be in town July 18th with my fingers crossed in the hopes of helping Michael complete his family tree. Thank you so much, Julie Hagerty email [email protected]

  8. tara lynch

    i like moyvane co op i always have

  9. conor kinsella

    Hi my name is Conor Kinsella. I am looking for relatives of my grandfather whose name was John O’Connor from Glenalappa, Moyvane. He married Ellen Reidy from Ballyheigue. I am also related to Jack Buckley – deceased. Jack was from Oughram/Glenalappa, Moyvane. Jack died in a nursing home in Listowel. Any help in finding my relations would be very much appreciated. You can contact me by email on: [email protected]. Thank you.

  10. Elizabeth Jacobs

    I was reading the News and noted that tomorrow there is to be a Mass for Father Michael Hanrahan of Kilbaha.
    I am looking into my family history and my grandfather Michael Hanrahan came to Australia c1990.he came from Kilbaha South and He was the son of James Hanrahan and Ellen Sheahan married 21/1/1862.
    I think James was the brother of Michael,Denis,Patrick and Cornelius.

    I will be in Moyvane in July and am wondering if anyone in the parish can help me with contacting the descendants of my great grandfathers family.

    Thank you for your help
    Elizabeth Jacobs

    • Catherine Patterson

      Hi, I’m interested in your post. My great great grandfather was Denis Hanrahan. I’m wondering if he is the same Denis in your post. His father may have been named Thomas, but I’m not sure. I don’t know his mother’s name. Denis was born about 1804 in Ballybunion. He married Mary English, and had children, Honora, Mary, and Ellen, (my great grandmother) She was born in 1830, and died in 1910 in Oakland, California. She was married to Daniel Moriarty. If any of this sounds like it could be your family, please write.

  11. Patrick Mulvihill

    I am trying to determine the parents of my great grandfather Edmund Mulvihill. Edmund was born in 1828 in Newtown Sandes (Moyvane) and immigrated in 1848 to the USA. In 1852 Edmund and possibly a brother, William?, or John?, travelled to CA to prospect for gold. After returning to Illinois, he married Ellen Wolfe in 1854 in Ottawa, IL and immediately moved to Clinton County, Iowa where they settled and remained. I believe that Edmund had a younger brother Cornelius who was born about 1832 in Co. Kerry and came to the United States in about 1862 and also settled in Iowa.
    I currently believe that Edmund Mulvihill’s parents were Jeremiah Mulvihill and Catherine Buckley and they were married on February 25, 1827 in Lixnaw. The Priest gives Jeremiah’s place name as Behans.” The subsequent baptism of their daughter, Mary was at Moyvane on Feb. 7, 1832 and the place name is given by the Priest as “Bridge.” What “bridge” is being referred too? Pound Bridge? Moyvane Bridge? Or another?

    I was in Moyvane with my family in 2011 and Michael O’Carroll of Ballylongford (his Mother was a Mulvihill) joined us and showed us the old Moyvane cemetery south of town. Michael said the 3 Mulvihill plots separated the descendents of the 3 Mulvihill brothers who were sons of the original settler in the area.
    Does anyone know the names of the father, his wife, and his 3 sons? I would also like to know any dates or the time period when this would have occurred?

    Thanks for any help!

  12. Patience O'Connor (granddaughter of Julia Manaher and Jeremiah O'Connor)

    My grandmother Julia Manaher immigrated to the United States from Newtownsandes in the early 1900’s. She spoke lovingly of Moyvane and Newtownsandes. I have been to Ireland many times but have never to the home of her birth which I plan to do soon.
    Know her cousins or the O’Connor cousins were the Stacks. Just beginning my search for her and Jeremiah’s “roots and rising” – not sure if he was a native of the same area or if they met on the boat that brought them to America. If anyone has any knowledge or can suggest how I might gather more knowledge would greatly appreciate an email.
    Patience O’Connor
    Washington, DC
    January 25, 2014

  13. bill Kelly

    Merry Christmas every body & a happy new year .

  14. Jim Horgan

    My grandmother was Ellen Mulvihill from Gurtomoshillihy and I was wondering if anyone knew if there was any connection to the Mulvihills from Glenalappa.

    Love the new website!

    Jim Horgan

    • Sean Buckley

      Jim, I have an Ellen Mulvihill on my family tree that I have done much research on, I have her husband as Con Shine. I have Ellen’s death on 22/5/1939. If we are talking about the same lady please get in touch.

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