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  1. Debbie Fitzgerald(Raimondo)

    My husband and I are planning to visit Moyvane in August this year. I am a decendent of Thomas Fitzgerald and Bridget ne Manly. Thomas was born in Moyvane around 1806 served a number of years in the army in India. after marriage he moved to St Helier Jersey. He was born in the parish of Murher.If you have any information about this family or its predecessors i would be very interested. thankyou. I am 3rd generation Australian.

  2. Peter Gorman

    Greetings, Moyvane, from Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. I’ll be coming to Ireland for the first time in August 2011 and plan to visit Moyvane, as I’m descended from Johanna Kennelly (b. 1835) and Patrick Moore, both from Moyvane. My daughter was named for Johanna Kennelly. We can’t wait to visit, and would love to hear from anyone with more information on this family.

  3. Maureen Culhane

    My Grandfather Michael was born in –as he called it–Newtownsandes–and came to the States during WW1.

    My Grandmother’s family was McGilicuddy (pardon my spelling). My Greatgandmother came over about 1867 and went West on a wagon train She must have been very brave!

    Thank you Moyvane for my wonderful heritage!

  4. jim lynch

    a very happy christmas to all in knockanure and moyvane and may the new year bring good health and prosperity to all
    looking forward to seeing everyone early in 2011

  5. mary

    i lost my dear grandmother and grandad and my other grandmother i just want to say i love ye both and ill always remember ye i love ye for ever and ever more

  6. J Brennan

    Read of the Gortaglanna killings with interest. The Valley of Knockanure is my favourite Irish ballad.

  7. Mary Hughes

    Trying to find a relation of mine.
    Would Canon Fleming have a sister Nora born in 1922 and both originally from Connaught. The Fr. Fleming I am trying to find was ordained in possibly 1951.
    Many thanks if you can help.

  8. John O'Connor

    Hello to all in Moyvane, I did a search on the web for “The Maid Of Sweet Coolard” and came across “Souls Of Song” by Dan Keane. Kate Heffernan O’Connor was my great grandmother. My grandfather Tim O’ Connor taught at St. Michaels,Listowel and my father, also Tim moved as far as Fethard, Co Tipperary , where I now live.

    I’m familiar with the words of “The Maid Of Sweet Coolard” but I have never heard it sung. Has Celine Kennelly (who must be my distant cousin) ever recorded it. If so I would love to hear it or indeed any other recording that might be available.

    I hope you can help,

    Best wishes,
    John O’ Connor

  9. Jack Nolan

    Yes my father was born there. It was NewtownSandes then. My cousin Margeart Leahy & Emmet are still there. Their farm is Carreraugh.
    I saw my cousin Paddy in one of your photos & would like to stay in touch with them if possible.

    Jack Nolan
    P.S. My father was Jim Nolan from Gurtromisilly.

  10. Denis Collins

    Wish you all the best on the Glin Road. Hope she’s still standing, see you in the spring!! Denis

  11. Marie Hirons

    Hello there, does anyone recall a Bridie Barry born 1931 she lived with her grandmother Mary Barry and her Uncle John until the early 50s, after her grandmothers death, the farm in Murhur went to John and we would love to know what Bridie did next, great site, my mum loves the old pictures and sends her regards to any Barry descendants.

  12. Liz Burke

    hello there i am looking for any photos or newspaper clippings that have a link to shamrock cottage on the mail road int he 50s , 60s or before. we are putting together some information on the cottage and would be grateful if anyone has any info. all would copied onsite or returned immediately
    thanks a lot
    Liz Burke..shamrock cottage

  13. Mike Sandes

    Can anybody tell me – has the name officially changed yet. Or is the village still Newtownsandes?

  14. Frank Gregg

    Love looking at the old pictures. Sadly some are not dated. Would like to get a copy of the Boro and the Cross.

  15. Helene Lees (Quinn)

    Great website….my dad, James Quinn born 1930, son of Stephen Quinn and Mary Windle asked me to look at the website for him. He wants to see the old photos of where he used to live.

    I am going to show them to him tomorrow. Thanks for making this website. If anyone remembers my dad, please email me and I will pass on your memories to him.


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