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  1. Anne Pack

    My mother was Elizabeth Dore 1914-1988 who came from what she called Newtownsands. Her father was called Michael. He was a tailor as were some of his children. Just thought I would say hello,.. as there must be many relatives out there.

  2. marie hirons

    hello, I am trying to locate any of my mothers relatives or what happened to them, my mothers maiden name was barry – her christian name is margaret but was called peggy , her mother was nora who later married jack ahern and lived in listowel. My mothers sisters were caleed Julia ( shelagh ) and Bridget ( bridie ) I know this is a long shot, as she was born in 1930, I would appreciate any information Marie

  3. Tina

    Can anybody help me find my cousin please Bridget Roche. Married to Terence (Terry). She was the daughter of Paddy and Kitty Greaney. (Kitty was the daughter of James Hunt and Kate O’Callaghan)

  4. dermot jones

    found the page by chance//very good ,and well done.I particularly liked the article on the creamery,since I worked there from Nov.1956 to April 1957.The manager at that time was Mr Barrett,and I was very pleased to have struk up a very friendly relationship with Mick Mulvihill,(who was assistant manager),,many the fine cup of tea I got in his home in Kilbaha,,hope I have got,the townland right. My digs were second to none at Mrs Quinn’s,,near Jimmy Nolan’s,who was a fine photographer .Happy days no doubt,and it is good to see that the co-op is still going strong.

  5. james kilkelly

    good health to you all in moyvane.

  6. Sue Finan

    Will be visiting the area in two weeks to see mom’s birthplace. Eileen Moran, born in 1916, daughter of Hannah Nolan and James Moran. Any info would be fun.
    Thanks much,

  7. Michael Sandes

    Very Interesting to learn about Moyvane. My ancestor was that cruel landlord George Sandes. Came across this whilst doing family history research.
    I live in Dalbeattie, SW Scotland will come and visit one day!

  8. Gary Kennelly

    I think your site is terrific. Enjoy reading the news and viewing the video vignettes of the town and residents.

    I would love to hear from Kennellys in Moyvane. We likely are related. My great-great-great grandmother, Ellen (Creagh) Kennelly, and great-great grandfather, Patrick Kennelly, came to the United States from Moyvane in 1863.

  9. Martin Keane

    Just a short note.

    I’m the son of bridie keane (formerly O’Grady). Her sister Mary Horan was my aunt and her husband Pat Horan was the blacksmith outside of town. Her brother were Tom and Dan OGrady and another sister Elizabeth.

    Would love to hear from someone who knew them.

  10. Scott O'Connor

    I just found the Moyvane web site last night while helping my daughter write a story for school. What a great idea, and well done. I hope people continue making contributions of photos and stories.

    My ancestor is great grandfather John Jay O’Connor, eldest of his generation, who emigrated with 2 younger brothers in the 1880’s, or so I have been told. They come from The Hill farm in Knockanure, which I have been lucky enough to visit twice.

    Greetings from Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA.


    Jeremiah Buckley married Mary Enright about 1852. They lived in the Shamrock Cottage on the Mail Road. They had 8 children between 1853 and 1871 including my grandfather John Buckley 1853-1910, all baptized in Newtownsandes. The daughters married Stephens, Brandon and Foran. I should welcome any contacts.
    John Buckley

  12. mossy

    hi all from moyvane

  13. Sandy Pierce

    I am researching my husband’s family tree. His grandfather, Patrick Joseph Pierce, was born in Coolkerang (I can’t find the town but I know is was near to Listowel) in 1871 and came to the US in 1885. He had a brother Richard and several sisters. I’m not sure if any of the family is still in the area of Moyvane but I’d love to hear from anyone who knows of any family of Patrick Pierce.

  14. Amy Broderick

    My mum is from Moyvane. And my cousin is Laura Stack in Moyvane School. Shes in 4th class. I just want to say well done to all the girls who sang in Killarney on Sunday as my cousin was in it!

    Also I want to say hi To my nana Bridge and my grandad Jack whos arm is not feeling the best! So get well soon Grandad!

    From Amy

  15. Sean P. Lyons

    Just found your site. Have been fortunate to visit your village twice, once with a friend and second with my nephew. My family –LYONS- came from Moyvane / NewtonSands and hope to visit again.

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