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  1. moyvane

    just wondering what the people of moyvane would think if the underage moyane and tarbert players where amalgamated

  2. Paul Leahy

    I was very interested in your piece about Thomas Moore and his family connection to Moyvane.

    I am researching my family’s history and trying to confirm (or refute) a supposed connection to the great man’s father. I wonder if you would know anything more about John Moore’s family, particularly any brothers (uncles of Thomas Moore) – or if not, if you can suggest anyone who might know about this?

    My great-great-grandfather was a Harry Moore (approx. 1790-1881). From mid-19th century, he was in Brosna, but may have come from Moyvane or Abbeyfeale originally. I’ll be doing a bit of research in Dublin in November, so any info or clues would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for your time,
    Paul Leahy (Leicester, England)

  3. Anonymous

    Well done on a great website,great achievement

  4. Jim Tydings

    Wondering if I could get some information on death/burial records for Moyvane? My Great Grandparents came from Moyvane and I have been trying to obtain information on where their parents, and one of the siblings, are buried. Curious if you could tell me how to go about getting that information? I have records received from the local church, but nothing about death/burial. Any information on the Tydings family, Michael Tydings & Margaret (Kissane) Tydings, or their son Thomas Tydings, would be greatly appreciated. My Great Grandparents were Daniel Tydings and Mary Kennelly.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide me.

  5. Thomas O'Connor

    This website is a wonderful introduction to your community!

    We are visiting Ireland soon and will be spending
    Oct.28 in Moyvane and Duagh.

    My cousin, Michael O’Connor, and I have been attempting to trace our Irish roots. My great, great
    grandfather , Brian O’Connor,emigrated from Moyvane to the U.S. in 1852.
    I am proud to say he was a valuable addition to his new home. He developed a very successful farm, and
    served his community in North Central Ohio in several elected offices before his passing in 1917.

    My wife,Eileen, and I look forward to becoming acquainted with Moyvane.

    In the meantime , if you have any hints you can share on where to begin our search, it is most appreciated.

    See you soon.

    Tom O’Connor

  6. andrea leahy hartnett

    Greetings to moyvane, From Julia Leahy nee McElligot

  7. Jason O'Brien

    In researching my family tree I have discovered that my paternal relatives the O’Briens seem to have lived here and I am keen to visit this town in the near future, I am very impressed by the way it seems to have retained it’s individuality in a world that is becoming increasingly homogenous.

  8. Gary Kennelly

    Delightful web site. Would love to visit Moyvane some day soon. I want to do genealogy research on my family there. Have a great day.
    Your American Cousin

  9. maureen lucas

    Great website came across it by accident My great grandmother was hanoria Scanlan from ballylonford but I think her mother was Catherine Mary Enright .Hanoria married a Royal Marine from Somerset in 1884 and returned with him to Plymouth Devon where I still live now .Ivisited Ballylongford and Tarbert last year but did not know of your village then Can anyone give me any further information please .great photos

  10. cathy toal

    Hello to Maura and Denis O’connor and all the family from Cathy, Ray, Sarah (11), Tomas (8) and Sean (5) in Melbourne. I hope you are all well and miss you all. It’s a shame Australia is so far away. I’m not great at staying in touch, as you may have guessed. I do think about you all alot though and have many happy memories of time spent with you – so long ago! Write to me any time as I’d really love to hear from you.
    Cathy xx

  11. Carol Faust-Reissig

    I am so excited to have come across this website. My Great Grandfather came to the United States from Newtownsandes (Moyvane) around 1887. His name was Maurice Woulfe Scanlan or Scanlon. I was fortunate to have been able to visit a cousin (Anna Maria Kennelly) in Moyvane in 1996 and tour the town and house my Great Grandfather was born in. My mother (Jean Scanlan-Faust) and Great Aunts (Molly and Helen Scanlan) taught us to treasure our Irish heritage. My husband and I named our children with Irish names in honor of our Irish ancestors. A fond hello out to my cousin Anna Maria Kennelly and Timmy…miss you.

  12. Mary

    I have just learned that my GGrand parents were from Newtownsandes, have been researching this for about four years. I was lucky enough to have traveled to Ireland just last month, before I knew of their birthplace. I would appreciate any help anyone is willing to offer. Their names are Edmond and Mary(Marian)Fitzgerald Fitzmaurice. I know that they had 10 children, and at least 3 came to Philadelphia with them in 1890.

  13. Mary Mc Guire Kennedy

    Just want to say a very big HELLO! to my long lost friend in Moyvane, Gabriel Fitzmaurice. Found this very interesting website by accident when searching for some of Gabriel’s poems for children in my school. Congratulations on a wonderful, informative site. Little did we know back in 1970-1972 (Mary I Training College) where we were all going to end up. Knew that you were a brilliant poet but never knew that you could sing!!! You kept that one very quiet!!
    The camcorder photos taken of the children in your school are beautiful, a lovely memento for their parents and the worldwide audience.
    Wishing you continued success and happiness in lovely Moyvane. Keep up the terrific work! Slán is beannacht, Mary in Cork

  14. andrew walker

    Great website.

    I’m trying to find out any information about a Mary Barry from Murhur who had a daughter Kate in 1925. I believe Kate then moved to Dublin in the 1950s.

    I’d be very grateful for any information about these ladies.

  15. padraig horan

    ref buddy keane i have problem connecting to you will you contact me on this e mail address

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