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  1. A.M. Kennelly

    Reply to Kate Cooney. I have tried to contact you but your address seems to be incorrect. Come back to me and I will give you the info you require.

  2. Mrs Kate Cooney

    Hi I would like to get in touch with my cousin’s Brid’s family. She married a man and lived in Moyvane. She died 10 years ago approximately and we recently found out that she had two children who could be 16 +. Her maiden name was Brid O’ Brien of Ballyhahill Co Limerick. Her mum was Kit.

    It would be great to catch up.
    Kate (her cousin)

  3. Buddy Keane

    I’d be interested in someone who may haveknown my cousins Pat and Bill Horan.My uncles Dan and Tom O’Grady,my aunts Mary, Elizbeth (Bep) and my mother Bridie were born in Newtownsandes (Moyvane.)

  4. Tom

    Just discovered this site by accident & really enjoyed the article re the Valley of Knockanure….this song i recorded good few years ago and found that it always went down well with most audiences…..just goes to show why north Kerry still sopport a proud republican in Martin Ferris.

  5. Jackie Silcock

    Am very interested in the history of this lovely place and I am hoping to visit quite soon, my interest is regarding my Grandmoter who was born there in Shamrock Cottage under the name of Fannie Buckley born in 1902, her parents were John & Harriet Buckley.

  6. Kerri-Ann Grunstra

    I was hoping to get in touch with retired police sergeant Seamus Groarke, son of Ann Kitson. My grandmother, Marcella Gorman, is his first cousin and I was looking for information on the rest of the Kitsons that stayed in Ireland.

    Any information that anyone can pass on to me is greatly appreciated.


  7. Theresa Holt

    Hi I would like to get in touch with Betty Ahern, married to Mike. I went to school with Betty ,my maiden name (O’Connor).
    It would be great to catch up.

  8. mary porcaro

    Hello I am writing on this website hoping to find some information about the O’Carroll family. Thank you

  9. Eamonn O'Brien

    Message for Krista

    I saw your message of 21 February 2008 on the Moyvane web-site and I admit to being a tad confused. Fr. Maurice is, was, my grand-uncle. He was one of twelve children of John and Marie Walshe and we have a photograph of the whole family. There was one other priest, Father Eddy, a great favourite of the family. He sponsored many of my uncles and two aunts out to the States, to Syracuse.

    Anyway, I would be interested to know more about Father Maurice being your grandfather. The mind boggles..I suppose most families have skeletons in the closet but ours may be wearing a dog-collar.

    I am compiling a family history at the moment so perhaps we could swap any other information which we have on the Kissanes.

    And, of course, if anybody out there does have any information about the Kissanes who lived in Leitrim East then I would be very grateful….


    Eamonn O’Brien

  10. Betty Britton

    The late Sean & Aggie Aherne will be dead a year on 3rd April (Aggie) & (Sean) on 19th April.The year has flown by so quickly.Thank you to everyone for all the support over this past year!It has been a very difficult time and it only feels like yesterday!!
    …You’ve been the only thing that’s right
    In all I’ve done
    To think I might not see those eyes
    Makes it so hard not to cry
    And as we say our long goodbyes – I nearly do…..
    Will always love you dearly Mum & Dad,miss you loads xxxxxxxx

  11. Hannah Mulvihill

    I just want to say I had the best time in Moyvane and I miss you all. I will be back next year. Keep in touch 740-837-6474.

  12. Gary Gerschoffer

    I had a great grandfather & grandmother who I belive are form Moyvane. Patrick Scanlon (b. abt 1865) & Ellen (Mulvihill) Scanlon (b. abt 1868) both emigrated from Moyvane to the US about 1880. Are there records avilable for this time frame that can be researhed? Both were Catholic and I am told the church records were destroyed in a fire.

  13. Pat Brennan

    I have just read the essay which outlines the events surrounding that very tragic ambush at Knocknanure.
    It is my favourite Irish ballad and it is great that such an accurate account of the events are recorded.

    It is only by reading such reports that people will actually realise the reign of terror that occurred throughout Ireland and in particular Limerick Kerry Cork and Tipp during the years 1919 to 1922

  14. Robert Walsh Fister

    I enjoy reading about your great Country, My family, Walsh came from co Kerry to the states in 1852, the Stack family as well. I hope some day to visit your wonderful Co Kerry and Moyvane for sure as that is where my great great grandfather John R Walsh was born and lived. Good luck to you all.

    I am proud to be of Irish heritage, especially Co. Kerry and Moyvane.

    Your USA/Irish Friend.
    Robert Walsh Fister

  15. Mark Clark

    I’ve just traced my Quinn grandfather to Leitrim Middle, which he left around 1900. He was John Quinn, son of John and Mary Quinn. Several of his siblings immigrated to the US, and several others remained, namely Matthew (who settled in Leitrim West), Michael, probably Stephen, and maybe a few others. I hope some of the “Quinns of Leitrim” who I see in the wonderful Moyvane Notes on this site will recognize these names and contact me for exchange of information, and old photos if there are any. I have only one old photo, reputedly of Quinns from that era; if we can identify the men in the photo I’d be happy to contribute it.

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