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  1. Geraldine Brandon Garrett

    I was thrilled to visit Moyvane this past July and see my Great Great Grandparent’s ( Jeremiah and Mary Buckley ) cottage. My grandfather , Daniel Brandon , was born in his grandparents home and I loved researching some of my families past.

    The people of Moyvane were very friendly and helpful and I hope to be back for a visit !!!

  2. Sally Mills

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful site! Do you have suggestions as to someone that I can contact (i.e. Catholic Church) for family records of Moores, Quinns, Enrights, Quirks, Sinnetts, and more? Records would be pre 1852 when they left for US… All Catholic, so the church is probably best.

    I am watching for another copy to send you of a book called “The Jolly Irishman: Life of Mike Moore.” It was published in KY in 1908, and tells the story of his early life in Newtownsandes and their leaving for the US. His uncle, father of Jim Moore, stayed in the area. I descend from his cousin Mary, who married a John Quinn. I found one copy a few years ago, and occasionally another copy comes up for sale.

    ANY contacts you can provide would be appreciated!!!!!! Thanks so very much for this glimpse of my family’s past. :o)

    Sallie Q Mills

  3. Donald P. Scanlon

    My Dad was born in 1901 and left in 1920. Looking for anybody who may know of the family. My Grandmother was an O’SULLIVAN.

  4. Sheila Phipps

    I am from the United States and was visiting Ireland last month. I saw this great group “Tintean” in Killarney. I saw they were at the Farmer’s Market on your site a while ago. I need to see if you would be able to give me a contact for them. I purchased a CD from them at O’Donoghues Public House and the CD is blank, unplayable. I would like to get in touch with them to see if I could get it replaced.

    Thank you so much for your time. Any help you could give me would be great!

  5. Sharon Donohue

    Your site is very special to us. My husband’s great- grandparents were married in Moyvane on January 11, 1861. They were Geoffery (or Geoffrey) O’Donoghue and Johanna Moloney.

    We (Kevin and Sharon Donohue) are planning a trip to Ireland this summer and would like to visit Moyvane. Do you have any suggestions for us on what to explore while there (and/or beforehand) re: sources of information about our family and family records?

    Thanks for any tips you can offer,

  6. Betty Britton

    Hello to 2 very good friends,who travelled all the way from Dublin & Galway to be with Kathleen & me (& our families)”Muriel and Shirley” -we didnt thank you enough & did not get the opportunity to do so !!The support was great,love always Betty & Kathleen xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Damo the kid O Flynn

    vome on Moyvane we need to sharpen things up in the football and i hope all is well at home, have 1 or ten on me miss ye all dont worry ill be home soon for a major sssion, love u all
    the kid!

  8. Con Dee

    My late father, Con (Cornelius) Dee originated from the Ballylongford area of North Kerry.
    I wonder if I still have any existing relatives around that area?

  9. Damo

    Thats great news bout the football i would have loved to watch, come on moyvane

  10. Moyvane Ladies Football

    MOYVANE LADIES FOOTBALL would like to congratulate the moyvane ladies under14 football team on reaching the county final played on tuesday 20 may 2008 they where beaten by 1 point by Killicummin but were in hard luck when a goal hit the back of the moyvane net with 1 minute to go but we are very proud of these girls as they have just started to play football last year so well done to all the players

  11. Jenny

    I see that sir Damien has many many admires from now around the globe…he will leave many a lady’s hearts broken, if he hasn’t already with his other buddies…you all sound like as american’s like to say “hot stuff”…i will now have to make him sing to us at the office and really show us what his good ol Irish blood has in him….
    We love him, and wish never to lose him…but there are seas between people and many roads to cross, but the heart forever remains….
    so if he is single, the woman who snatches him up, will have to be someone damn special and treat him as a king, that he deserves at least….
    And as all of you have written, when i visit i expect you to show me what fun times are there to be had. For i would do the same for you if you were here! 😉 and don’t let the other fellow fool you, not all american’s are nice….ha ha
    but in all seriousness we do love damien very much and will miss his spirit and face around Fidelity…..

  12. Thomas j O'Donnel

    hi iam an american too and that damien is such a handsome devil he loves singing songs in the bar and loves singing the rose of tralee! He is a very good cook too jamie oliver the naked shef better watch out

  13. Richard Ring

    Hi I too am an American living in Boston, and have been into contact with Damien many many times. Apparently my great grandfather was from around the moyvane area. I look forward to visiting this nice area and personally checking out the scene. I hear people in kerry are very very friendly to American people and i can personally vouch for that here in Boston!

  14. Damien O'Flynn

    And Yes, I will make a Great Husband some day! Later Guys

  15. Damien O'Flynn

    My apologises for the recent comments. Some of the lads over here clearly bored and have nothing to do with there spare time. Children will be children i suppose. No malice intended. Hope all is well back home. Looking forward to coming home in the near future. Best of luck from Boston

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