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  1. Maurice.O.Connell

    Hi Best wishes to Bill Kelly so nice to here from you after fifty. years.J.J.Sheehy.J.J.Stackpool have passed on.R.I.P.Remember.J.Mulvihill.J.Foley.J.Kirby.Denny. Mulvihill.

  2. Krista Kay

    I am 44 years old and have recently found out that my great grandfather was Fr. Maurice Kissane born June 1883 son of John Kissane and Mary Walsh. Ordained July 16, 1911 by Bishop Davis at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Davenport, Iowa. Does anyone have any other information, i.e., a photograph?

  3. Sean Drury

    Great website. I am an American, but have ancestors from Murher & Leitrim parishes. I believe they moved to Tarbert around the 1830’s. But would be happy to communicate with any Drurys, Frawleys or Brummells in the area.

  4. Raymond C Parnell

    Was so nice to read about your history. One day I will visit

  5. Michael T. Sullivan

    thank you for this site it is quite good and well organized, My grandfather lived in newtownsandes(moyvane) but left for the U.S. in 1919 Joseph D Sullivan his father was Edward Sullivan who stayed in the Irish Free State with his wife and family .

  6. Bill Kelly

    I like the old photos it takes me back to the short time i worked with John Joe Sheehy and his late sister Shella on there farm up there in Aughrim. I wonder if John is still around and any other news on that road up to Aughrim. I knew a few pepole along there.

    Thank you. I hope to go back there just to see the place again but I dont think I could afford to live there now.

  7. Martin Keane

    Well best wishes to all for a healthy and happy new year. I’m hoping some out there will acknowledge the O’Gradys from Newtownsandes, the birthplace of my mother and her sisters Mary, Elizabeth My mother Bridie and their brothers Daniel and Thomas.It would be great to hear from someone who still remembers. I know my uncle dan and tom were very active during the troubles. I still have a cousin his name is Patrick Horan His late father had a forg just outside of town. Looking forward to a positive response.

  8. Ted O'Keeffe

    Great site. Keep it up. My first connection with Moyvane was when my father arrived home in Tralee, sometime in the late 40’s/early 50’s I think, with a superb brindle bitch greyhound. I remember him saying he bought her from somebody in “Newtown sandes”. (I later found out that this was Moyvane). Anyway the dog was a terrific animal both as a pet and a great runner in the local Tralee track-particularly over the hurdles.
    Her racing name was Humphrey’s Pride and I assume that name would have been given by her owner in Moyvane. Would it be possible that somebody in Moyvane would know of the family/owner of that dog so very long ago. I have a lovely photo of her with some of her offsprings taken in the early fifties.

  9. brenda Duggan Nee Myles

    Hi Moyvane, Hapy new year to you all especialy Maureen ad Pattie. God bless kathleen, Heln and Brenda Myles.

  10. maurice joy

    if your looking for good session and craic moyvane is the spot.

  11. maurice joy

    if your looking for a place for a good session and craic there’s no where like moyvane.

  12. Mairead O Connor

    An excellent site. Nice to read about my late father-in-law, John O Connor in Dan Keane s Souls of Song.
    The Bog Lane
    Cearthrú Iaracht ,Cill Morna

  13. Thomas F. Hanrahan

    I just wanted to say “Thanks” to all the helpful folks and words of encouragement to me and my sister in our search to reconnect with our Hanrahan relatives. So far it has been fantastic and amazing at the same time. Thanks to Jerry McMahon, Tom Hanrahan (my cousin), Julia Doyle and Anna Maria Kennelly not to mention countless others that have helped get us on the right path.

    Not only have our searches accelerated but you have helped us understand family that has left us (but with us always in our hearts). We have even had the chance to talk to some of our family in Moyvane. I can’t wait to get back to Ireland, hopefully next summer.

    It truly is a small world, thanks again. Keep smiling….



  15. Mike Rice

    I am trying to trace the roots of John Holly (could be spelled Holley) who was a native of Glin and died at the age of 57 in 1925.
    He is buried in Kilfergus, cemetery in Glin.
    It is understood that he lived in the United States for a number of years and was in t he U S Army.

    If anyone has any information please contact me at [email protected].
    Many thanks
    Mike Rice
    Co. kerry

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