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  1. Gerry Fennelly

    My mother comes from Lissaniskea, Knockanure. I am always very proud of my roots in Kerry (not only amongst the English but also my Fathers family in Co Laois).

    Like every migrant from New York to Melborne, I am proud of being Irish. But as I tell my girls I am evem more proud of North Kerry, Moyvane and Knockanure!!!.

    Love to everyone, you are always part of my heart.

  2. Sally Mills

    What an incredible sunny Mother’s Day here in North Carolina, USA… After many, many years of searching I have a clue in finding the homeplace of our Irish ancestors– it looks like my husband and I were within miles of you in 1995 and never knew how close we were. I found recently a book called “The Jolly Irishman,” written by Michael J Moore (from Newtownsands), who was a first cousin of my gggm Maggie Quinn, daughter of John Quinn and Mary Moore. We have also found references in the book to cousins Enrights and Mulvihills who came through NY. I hope to eventually figure out how we are all related. Quinns, Moores, Mulvihills, Quirks, Sinnett (although these latter two may have been from County Wexford or Cork), Field, Douglas.

  3. Peter Geran

    I am researching family.
    Grandmother born in Moyvane Dec. 1884 sailed to Aust. 1905.
    Name: Honorah O’Sullivan
    Parents: Mary McGrath & John O’Sullivan
    She married a William Geran in 1915. Would be interested to hear from any people in town who may be related?

  4. Michael Shine

    What a wonderful find in your website. My family grandparents, Michael Joseph Shine and Eileen Mary Sheehan were from the moyvane area. Both came to the USA with the help of the Kansas City Shines from the same area. Any Shine’s or Sheehan’s reading this post?

  5. John Sheehy

    Greetings from John Sheehy, a Main Street ( The Small Square) Listowel man living in Rhinebeck New York.
    Congratulations on a excellent website.
    Viewed my cousins “The Carmody sisters” (Theresa, Bernie and Helen). under you wedding link.Thank you and
    well done !

  6. Joann Dinneen

    I love the site for its history and maps and pride of place. My father was Jerry Dinneen of Gennalappa off the Glin Road. I have been to visit my cousins the O’Callaghans a number of times, the last being 2005. I will be back!
    I have a question though and maybe this is not the place for the information to be and there is information somewhere else, but here goes. Is there any book or reference you know of regarding the Famine and how it effected Moyvane or North Kerry?

  7. Diane Kern

    My grandfather was supposedly from NewtownSandes which I understand is now Moyvane. He travelled to the U.S in the years of the potato famine. Family lore says he had to leave or was to be hanged. The family name was O’Connor, but I have found no record at the church of Latter day Saints, Griffiths, or any place. I do not know the church they belonged to. His parents were supposedly Michael and Catherine (Fallahee sp?) O’Connor and they were supposed to have had 15 children. There is no record here in the states of any of his siblings coming to America with him or later. His name was Bryan O’Connor. Do you have any suggestion? I have been on many websites trying to check this, and also have found no record of him on any ships list. Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  8. Tina Mattocks (nee White)

    Hallo there, this site is really good and congrats to all who keep it going. I am wondering if there is anybody out there who would be related to the Hunts. My grandmoth was Mary Hunt daughter of James Hunt and Bridget Carroll. They lived in the Bog Lane in Carruereagh. Mary Hunt married Thomas White of Athea. Sadly their last son John (known as Jack) died only 2 years ago and I only found out recently.

    Would love to hear from anyone who knows of the family

  9. Bill Stepp

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day ! I typed “Enright’s Pub” into google and clicked . Came up with your site . Very nice site .

    My great grandfather , John Collins Enright , came to the USA during the Potato Famine in 1847 when he was 10 years old . He was from Kilmeedy in County Limerick. I have had contact with a Sister Anne Enright ( and her brother Sean ) from that village several years ago , but nothing recently . Anyway the pub looks VERY inviting . The very best St. Patrick’s Day to all !
    Bill Stepp ;
    Virginia Beach ,

  10. Nan Pischke

    Thank you for such great site. I wasn’t sure if I’d find anything on Moyvane when I searched the net. My grandfather, John O’Connor, came from Moyvane. His family had a forge I think on the Glin Road and they raced greyhounds. He came to the US in the late 1800’s when he was 16 with his sister Delia. I never knew him, but understand he loved to do the ceili and set dancing here. I found poem on your site by Paddy O’Connor (The Rattle Away Breed), any relation? The picture with it is also in the book ‘The Boro and The Cross’ which my cousins from Asdee sent me. I’m planning a trip over in Sept and hope to find out more about my grandfather and his family.

  11. colm kelly

    On behalf of the New York Minor Board we would like to send our congratulations to Sean Walsh on his achievement of been elected to the Munster Council Vice Chairman.

    We also thank him for bringing Sam Maguire to New York recently to show the New York Minor Board children at the Kerry Hall. We had over 150 children attend and a delightful day was had by all.

    Congratulations again and also good luck to the Moyvane website.

    Colm Kelly
    New York Minor Board
    New York

  12. Maryellen Curtis

    Hello All in Moyvane,

    Especially the Enrights. I am Maryellen Curtis
    Grandaughter of Ellen T. Enright (Staples) born and raised in Tarmon’s Tarbert.

    I missed seeing you all this past June when I was in Tarbert – I did get to see my Holly cousins and meet Patrick Flynn in Tarbert who took me to my great Grandmothers house on ..> Scenic Road – and to meet Mike Ahearn who worked with my great uncle Joddy ( John Enright) I am also related to the O’Sullivan’s, Buckley’s, and McElligot’s ( My great Uncle,Father Tom McElligot married Dan and I at Saint Ambrose Church in Dorchester, Massachusetts in May of 1966 – he was the head of the Columban Fathers Seminary in Milton, Mass.
    I am so sorry that I never got to see you and visit your pub we were given wrong directions but being Irish I believe that means that on my next visit I will have that great pleasure – My Great Grandmother was Margaret Elizabeth Sheehy married to John Enright – they had 5 girls and one son John – the girls were Elizabeth, Ellen ( my grandmother) Delia, Theresa, and Molly.

    God’s blessing on all of you – looking forward to a visit and a pint.


  13. Noreen Lynch

    Hello, this is Mag Dore and Dennie Lynch’s daughter. I love the recent photos of springtime in Moyvane and the sunrise over Leitrim East! If anyone is randomly taking pictures, I would love to see a picture of the New Houses (preferably Number 1!) and also Leitrim Middle. See you all in May!

  14. Buddy Keane

    well hello Patrica Meyer it was a pleasure to read your note in the web sight. I.m a first cousin of your fatherr Michael on his fathers side. I recenly saw them at my sisters funeral,her name was Mary Sullivan. Please be sure to mentioned I responded to your note.

  15. Sean Freeman

    yo every1 in moyvane

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