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  1. Hannah Mulvihill

    Hello Moyvane, I have to say I miss everyone, and wish I was there. I hope to see you all again real soon.


    hello, Stephen Kiely here! son of Willian Kiely- Aughrim. Older residents may remember him, but will probably know my cousins the Kielys and the Walshes better. You may have met me on one of my regular visits. I will be back again in a couple of weeks please God, to see the Kingdom bring Sam home again and maybe enjoy the last day at listowel races. Cairrai Abu!

  3. Bridie Shine

    Bridie Shine(Glin Road)who went to school with Helen and Kathleen Myles in the fifties would like to send greetings and best wishes.

  4. Peggy Flavin

    Wonderful site. Now who are my Hanrahan relatives? Anyone know anything about John Hanrahan who married Ellen Collins, from Newtownsandes (Moyvane) Then immigrated to Ohio. Cousins to my Flavin family. (My ggg grandfather married Ellen Collins sister, Mary) Thanks for any lead.

  5. Jim Cogan

    Fantastic site. Moyvane should be proud. The site should be used as an example of what can and should be done in each town.

  6. JJ Mulvihill

    Great site. Looking forward to visiting one of these days. Keep up the good work!

  7. Chad

    Hello from the United States! Lovely town! I cant wait to visit. Especially you know who!!

  8. John McLaughlin

    Thanks! Paddy Drury wrote a version of “Valley of Knockanure”. (I have the words).

    I’m interested in this song and always believed that it was written by Bryan MacMahon (Tim Leahy wrote yet another version). However, on the Peggy Sweeney DVD “Kerry: A Kingdom of Song”, authorship is credited to Kiely O’Mahony of Athea. Does anyone know anything abour Mr. O’Mahony (dates, etc)
    and whether or not he really did write “Valley of Knockanure”? (I’m working on a book on Irish songs)

  9. John McLaughlin

    Can anyone tell me when Paddy Drury was born and when he died.

  10. Anne Marie Feeney-Charland

    What a wonderful site!!
    I have had great fun this afternoon taking an aerial view of Moyvane, listening to Kerry radio, touring the pubs, etc. Great fun!
    My grandmother was Hannah McAuliffe of Newtownsands.
    I visited the area in the 1980s.
    Best Wishes To All,
    Anne Marie

  11. bridget(Brenda) duggan nee myles

    I am looking for anybody from the village who remembers my sisters and I Kathleen, helen and myself and my brother John. My mother was Kathleen kennelly nee myles and died in 1947ish? My dad was John Myles.

  12. Patricia Lynch

    Great to see Moyvane on the internet.

  13. Michelle Jones (Pollack)

    What fun to see Moyvane again after 30 or so years. Spent some great summers there as a kid from the Bronx. My Grandmother was Honora McAuliffe from Moyvane and we were related to the Moores, the O’Connors on Glin Road and the Doyles. Hello to all!

  14. Dave Kiely

    Hi Guys,

    I’m currently travelling over land from Singapore to Bangkok and loving every minute of it. I’ve been absolutely everywhere that has a road leading in to it! There is so much to see here and its so hot. The Islands off Thailand are amazing, especially Koh Sumai. I was at the Full Moon Party on the next island a couple of days ago and i’m still wrecked after it… gotta run now. Take care.

    The site is great!

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