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  1. Kathleen Fitzmaurice

    Hi Kelly Hoolahan
    My name is Kathleen Fitzmaurice, CatherinePelican was
    my grandmother a sister of Marys I live in Moyane not far from where they were born.Please contact me on my email address.

  2. Yvone How

    Good morning , thank you for putting the Knockanure notes on the internet.

    I am from Australia and trying to trace my GGG Grandfather Michael Cushion (born 1814) .

    I can see from your Konockanure Notes dated 7 June 2012 that you have mentioned a Michael Cushion 20 December 1814 in the “Born about 200 years ,- some Moyvane Children baptised in Listowel” notes.

    His birth/ christening date was 20 December 1814.His parents I think may be Michael and Ellen or so the Irish genealogy web site tells me, if it is the same Michael Cushion. The year however does match up . He may have bothers Maurice(1812) and perhaps sisters Mary(1826) and Bridget(1829).

    The denomination was RC with sponsors Daniel Lawly and Catherine Wingle.

    Michael immigrated to Bermondsey England where he married Julia MacDonald in 1836.

    If he is the same Michael Cushion as my GGG Grandfather he may have been deaf as the census indicates.

    Thank you so much for your time.


    Yvonne How( Cushion)

  3. Kelly Hoolahan

    We will visit Ireland in June of this year. My grandmother Mary Pelican was born in Co. Kerry, in 1900. I belive Moyvane or Knockanure. She came to the states in the 1920’s and passed away when I was just 6. Her parents were Honora Riordan and Edmund Pelican. I have pictures of various family members on the “Pelican Family Farm” and know that the barn there was torn down in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s. I don’t have the location of this farm but would love to visit where my family was from. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

  4. Ginger Clark(nee Buckley)

    I am looking for information about my grandfather Patrick Buckley born 1885. I think he may have emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900’s. He had a sister named Anne and a brother named Cornelius. I believe there were 6 or 7 siblings. My brother tells me his nephew, Joseph Vincent Buckley recently passed away in NY. Not sure if it’s the same family. I do know he was a Kerryman just not sure what part of Kerry he came from. Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

    • Sean Buckley

      Dear Ms Clark, I have got the entire Family Tree for the Buckleys that you may be looking for, my Uncle was Joseph Vincent Buckley ! I have just picked up the Tree after a few years away from it due to dead ends. The sister you mention Anne was actually Hanora, who did Patrick marry ( I have Nora Walsh ??)
      If this helps I have a lot of info, even the dead ends of your great grand father – Denis Buckley and his wife Catherine Moore
      here’s hoping we can assist each other
      Sean Buckley (UK)

  5. Katie Kent

    I am so sorry to hear of the sad death of Dennis McEnery. He was my uncle and the last of the brothers and sisters to go. But what a man! I don’t think I have ever met such a hard worker. My Mother adored him.R.I.P.

  6. Sean Ryan

    Are there any Moyvane school roll records available for the period approx. 1914 -1920?

  7. Ellen Flaherty

    My sister and I will be travelling to Moyvane from the U.S. mid-October. Our grandmother Mary Bridget Mullane was born in Newtownsandes on Nov 6th 1904. Her father was Patrick and her mother was Norah Stack Mullane. When my parents visited Ireland in 1990 they visited with Patrick Mullane’s wife as he had recently passed. Would anyone know of any Mullane family members still in Moyvane? Thanks!

  8. frances cronin re annie baxter

    you can check church records here for free by looking for any baxters in the kerry area, particularly newtownsandes as you have indicated. a brief look by myself turned up nothing for an annie and the baxter family that i did find from her generation had a dad who was a school teacher. *that was for a charlotte anne baxter-i wouldn’t discount that being annie since many children at the time were named for mom and grandma who were still living and therefore called by their middle names. best of luck. wish i could have been of more help.


  9. frances cronin

    ANNIE BAXTER b. Newtownsandes (now Moyvane I believe from 1939) Dont have annies fathers name but he is said to have been a Blacksmith. Annie was born 1858/1860
    I would appreciate if anyone there has any knowledge of any BAXTER families in the area at this time to please contact me. Kind regards.

  10. Patrick Hughes

    My mother was Born in Moyvane. Her name was Johanna Moore. She had 3 sisters Mary, Eileen and Kitty. Her fathers name was Maurice (Mossy) Moore and her mothers maiden maiden name was Mary McEvoy. I would love to know what street she lived on and what school she went to. I haven’t been there since I was 9 years old.

  11. Graeme Charles

    My great-grandfather Robert Charles was born in Newtown, Killarney in 1822. Married Catherine Nilhill there. Emigrated to Australia in the 1850’s. Are there any Charles still residing in your area?

  12. Darci Mulvihill

    Hello from California, USA!

    I am traveling to Ireland in February 2013 and will swinging through the area. My ancestors are from Newtownsandes. I can’t wait to see the area and hopefully find out more about my family history and any relatives still in the area. Below is what I know about my ancestors. If anyone can help expand this or provide additional information about places of interest (such as churches or cemetaries), it would be greatly appreciated.

    *Edmund Joseph Mulvihill was my great great great grandfather. He was born in 1819 in Co. Kerry and died in 1887 in California. He married Mary Lynch (daughter of Kate Fitzgerald, sister of Garret Lynch). They had 6 children, 2 of whom were born in Newtownsandes and 4 of whom were born in Guernsey Island where the family moved around 1850, followed by New York around 1871, and California around 1876.

    *John Mulvihill, born in 1847, Co. Kerry.
    *Denis Mulvihill, born June 1, 1849, Newtownsandes.
    *Ellen Mulvihill, born in 1854, Guernsey Island.
    *Catherine Mulvihill, born in 1856, Guernsey Island.
    *Edmund Joseph Mulvihill, born in 1859, Guernsey Island.
    *Mary Mulvihill, born in 1867, Guernsey Island.

    Denis Mulvihill is my great great grandfather. He married Margaret Ellen Hanrahan in 1878 in California. She was born in 1852 in Ireland, was the daughter of Michael Hanrahan and Mary Mulvihill, and grandaughter of “Big Mike” Hanrahan and Bridget O’Shanghnessy.

    If anyone has information to share about my ancestors, please contact me at [email protected]. Thank you in advance!

    Darci Mulvihill

  13. james

    my great great grandparents emigrated from this area in the 1840s daniel mulvihill johanna connor . my great grandfather was their son james they left ireland and settled in westport ontario

  14. Raymond Mc Auliffe

    I was looking for information on my grandfather.He was born in cork as far as i know,and moved to moyvan co Kerry.His name was Patrick Mc Auliffe.His mothers name was Mary Enright and listening to stories from my father there was aunt Molly who as far as i know lived there all her life.My grandfather would of been born in 1900 approx.He left moyvan to work in dublin as a train driver where he met my grandmother Nurse Julia Mc Mahon.They were married in 1922.They had four children,Mary,Jack,Fr Terence,and Annie Laurie.My grand father left Ireland for Boston USA and never returned.I have never met my grandfather and would appreciate any information on him.Kind Regards Raymond Mc Auliffe.

    • John McAuliffe

      Pat McAuliffe is my uncle, he passed away in the early eighty,s in NY, I knew him very well and we often played tunes together Pat on violin and me on the flute, he also played music with my father John Mc Auliffe, he had the same type job as my uncle Joe, they worked o the trains, i think he made a couple of trips to Dublin to visit his wife and family. He also was a very good singer and sang on radio here some years ago, he lived in Manhatten New York city and never divorced or remarried, we took care of his funeral etc, he is buried out in Queens NY. I got in touch with his grandson who lives in Wexford a few years ago.
      Hope this helps,
      John McAuliffe,

  15. Richard JAMES

    G Grandpa Patrick SHINE is said to have been born in Tarbert in 1829. I loved his daughter and my grandma Mary.

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